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Paint brushes used to represent Handyman servicesOur Handyman services has helped many of our busy customers to get things done around their homes, here’s a recent review from a customer that I thought was worthy of it’s own blog!

“My friend recently pointed me in the direction of handyman services when I needed some odd jobs done around the home. I did a search online for handyman services in London and found a bamboozling amount of companies. One company really stood out though and that was We Love Flatpacks – originally just an Ikea assembly service for London. At first I was just attracted to them because their name sounded fun, but then I realised that what they say on their website really holds true.

The jobs I wanted done in my home weren’t major, and I felt that hiring a specialist plumber or decorator might be over-kill. Plus, when you add the fact they’ll probably charge an arm and a leg it made sense to go another way! At the same time, the jobs were a little too much for me to do on my own, and I just don’t have the time after a long day, and the London commute.

Handyman services really made sense to me! It’s easy to see why many London professionals who don’t stop working once they get home because they have a family to look after – are turning to a handyman. Forget the old notion that a handyman is an ‘odd job man’. No, the handymen at We Love Flatpacks were total professionals. They priced up the job formally, turned up when they said they would and expertly did the work that I have been putting off for months. They were clean and non-invasive.

The next time I need a tradesman to come to my home to do a job a little too large or complicated for me to do personally, I will consider a handyman service before I consider a specialist. We Love Flatpacks offers a great handyman service for the London area and their other talent – helping people assemble flat pack furniture – is expanding nationwide.”

– Kristian S.

For more information about our Handman services or flatpack assembly, please get in touch using our Handyman contact form (scroll to bottom of page) or directly via our contact page.

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