Wardrobe fitters – why choose us?

Wardrobe fitters can make or break the successful installation of your fitted or flatpack wardrobes. As you know, finding your perfect wardrobe is time consuming and expensive, you spend lots of time planning for, and choosing the wardrobe of your choice, the last thing you need is for an incompetent person to ruin your wardrobe once you get it home!


Some of the major problems that incompetent fitters cause are:

  • Wardrobe not functioning smoothly
  • Voided manufacturers guarantee
  • Misaligned doors
  • Unsightly Scratches and damage
  • Handles drilled in the wrong place

To ensure your wardrobe looks its absolute best and lasts a long time, they need to be built correctly from start to finish. We have been constructing fitted and flatpack wardrobes for a long time and understand everything about how they are built and how they need to be built to ensure your wardrobe looks and functions at its best.

Flatpack assembly quote

We build your wardrobes correctly – guaranteed!

We are expert wardrobe fitters who will build your wardrobe to the highest possible standard. Every wardrobe is made up of several components, the frame, the doors, and the internal fixings, such as shelves and clothing rails, and we are aware of potential problems that may arise at every stage of the build and so we prevent problems from happening.

Wardrobe frames

Arguably the most important section to get right. This needs to be perfectly level and solid, if it is not, the rest of the wardrobe will have little chance of being correct. Dowels need to be in the correct place, areas of weakness need to be strengthened and fixings need to be tightened with the correct tools.

Wardrobe doors

Hinges or sliding door rails should be positioned correctly and square to allow the doors to be micro adjusted to perfection. The gaps between each door should be the same and each door should be the same height to give it a professional finish. Handles should be perfectly aligned and the same distance from the door edge.

Internal fixings

As well as organising the contents of your wardrobe, the internal fixings add extra strength. Care should be taken when installing these to avoid scratches on the inside of the cupboard.