Very assembly instructions for flatpack missing

Very, the internet shopping company, offers a large offering of home and garden products. It has a good range of ready to assemble furniture.

I have heard a lot of complaints recently about Very’s flatpack assembly instructions missing from their wardrobe range. With the ease at which people can complain about services on line these days, Very needs to sort this issue out quickly other wise its reputation will suffer. The wardrobes themselves are pretty easy to assemble and look good, but it is still very annoying when assembly instructions are missing.

As well as instructions missing, complaints about parts being difficult to assemble and badly labelled.

We are going to keep a close eye on this company over the coming months to see if they resolve the issues. If you have any experiences with them please comment below or send us in an email.

Hate assembling flatpack? your not alone!

2 comments on “Very assembly instructions for flatpack missing
  1. dickenz says:


    I recently bought an overbed unit From VERY and there was half of the instructions missing, and on request they sent out wrong instructions twice. I had to retain the item and get a replacement which arrived today (6 weeks later) with all the instructions.

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