Flat packed furniture is not a modern concept

Flatpack assembly serviceFlatpack assembly long before Ikea…

We think of flat packed furniture as a modern idea but as this one hundred and forty year old piece of furniture history reminded us, flat packed furniture has been around at least since Loius the XVI was going about his business. Flatpack assembly has changed less than you might think in that time.

Whilst attending a call out, one of our flatpack assemblers had the task of assembling this wonderful French Armoire. When he arrived at the property he was greeted with the smell of antique walnut and a beautiful intricately carved cornucopia (the top part of the wardrobe above the doors) that was apparently the symbol of the french revolution. The wardrobe came in over sixteen parts that were clearly manufactured to be assembled and disassembled for transportation.

As you can imagine, this fine antique did not come with assembly instructions but our installer actually found it to be  intuitively easier to build than some of the modern flat packed furniture he assembles on a daily basis. Although each part, including the beveled mirrored doors were heavier than your modern day MDF Furniture, they slotted into place nicely. The final result, as you can see is a solid piece of furniture that has lasted a French revolution and two world wars. I wonder if some of the Ikea furniture we assemble nowadays will last as long.

Our flatpack assembler was a little apprehensive about taking pictures when he arrived for fear of being seen as wasting time so unfortunately we do not have pictures of it when it was broken down. However because the owner of the piece is selling it, she said she will recommend to the new owners that we disassemble and rebuild it for them, so we hope to be able to take photos next time.

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