The Apprentice and flatpack furniture

Innovative furniture?

It’s episode three of series nine and Alan Sugar orders his fledgling apprentices to embark on a journey of innovation around flatpack furniture. The apprentice and flatpack furniture

This episode will be extremely interesting for We Love Flatpacks because we deal with the stuff everyday. We often have ideas of how we could make the flatpack furniture designs from Ikea, Argos, Mothercare and the rest of the big brands better, but in reality it’s probably much harder that it looks.

I don’t envy the project managers of tonight’s task and will be very surprised and impressed if the teams produce innovations that have not been done a million times before. After seeing a clip from the internet, one of the team has decided to produce a chair, probably every designer on the planet has tried to design a chair as either part of their design training or simply to have a go at doing so and they soon realise this is one of the hardest things to innovate.

People say that competition helps innovation, but I tend to disagree. When you are under pressure, you tend to lose that free flowing imagination you get when you’re relaxed, the competition between the contestants is immense so it always impresses me how they manage to come up with any ideas at all in that stressful environment!

So we will be on the lookout for innovative designs in tonights episode that make it easy to build flatpack furniture. And we will probably be the only people on the planet who do not want them to make it easier to assemble because if it becomes too easy we may end up going out of business as flatpack furniture assemblers!

Coming soon: We deal with flatpack furniture everyday and will be sharing our many thoughts about how and what could be innovated about flat pack furniture.

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