Secure furniture to the wall easily

When you’re five years old you are always looking for new adventures. Furniture such as wardrobes make excellent places to hide on top of and book cases make excellent ‘mountains’ to climb.

Unfortunately these pieces  of furniture can also cause serious accidents to our little ones and even us if they ever fall forward. As well as the weight of the furniture you also have the contents, often things like heavy books,  plates,  glassware or  even those heavy golf or equestrian medals that you thought were out the way, can come tumbling on top of us.

This is why we always recommend securing furniture to the wall even if the assembly instructions do not.

People often ask us what the easiest way of securing furniture to the wall is, and without doubt the easiest although not necessarily the most attractive (because you can see the fixings if the furniture is to low in your line of site) is a method using ‘L’ brackets. Also using the method below does require you to drill in to the top of the furniture as opposed to the hidden back, some people may not like doing this.

L brackets can be put very cheaply from any DIY shop, to secure your furniture just follow the easy steps below.

You will need:

  • Step ladder
  • L brackets, at least 2 and at least 3cm in size
  • Drill with 5mm masonry drill bit
  • 5mm raw plugs
  • Pencil

You are now ready to get to work.

  • Step 1, whilst standing on a step ladder, climb so you can reach the back of your furniture at the top and mark the point on the wall where the top of the furniture is. This will be the height of the underside of you bracket.
  • Step 2, remove contents of furniture and move furniture about two foot from the wall. Ok, this is a little bit of a chore but why not use it as a time to clear out stuff you do not want as well.
  • Step 3, using your step ladder safely, line up the brackets to the marks you made in step one and mark the screw holes of the brackets on the wall.
  • Step 4, drill into the marks you made in step three and insert the raw plugs.
  • Step 5, hold the brackets up to the holes and then screw the screws tightly so the bracket is secure and level.
  • Step 6, move your furniture back into place and then screw through the brackets and directly into the furniture from the top.


Now you have child proofed furniture that will not tumble over if your little ones decide to use it as a climbing area!

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