Ready assembled furniture – a quick guide

appartment with ready assembled furnitureReady assembled furniture is quite simply furniture that has already been put together, and is therefore ready to just be moved into your home. It’s the opposite of flat pack furniture, which requires you (or somebody else) to assemble it for you. We’ve put together a quick guide featuring the main characteristics of ready assembled furniture, including who sells it, delivery costs, whether the quality matches the price, and some alternative options.

Love IKEA but don’t buy there because of the assembly? Get us to assemble it for you.

Ready Assembled Furniture Brands
With the huge rise in popularity for flat pack furniture, it can be difficult to find brands and companies who still sell ready assembled furniture. However, there are still some out there. Catalogue and mail order companies top the list such as Littlewoods, with companies such as HEALS and ARAM leading the way in high end ultra luxury ready assembled furniture.

Cheaper options include Dreams or Argos, although much of their stuff now comes flatpack, so check before you buy. At the mid price range there are companies that specialise in wooden furniture, such as Oak Furniture Land.

If you compare the prices of these brands and their furniture, to somewhere like IKEA, then you’ll see a huge difference. Quite simply, being ready assembled furniture does not come cheap. This is because the companies will have to spend longer on manufacturing an item, will need more space to store it, and know people will pay for convenience.

Delivery Costs
It’s not just the price of ready assembled furniture you have to take into account, it’s the delivery costs as well. As much of this furniture is large and difficult to carry, many companies will charge more for delivery than they would with flat pack furniture. They may also charge extra for their delivery drivers to bring it into your home and put it in the right room.

If you’re planning on ordering a ready assembled wardrobe, then be prepared to pay the extra for someone to bring it into your bedroom. There may also be extra costs if two delivery drivers are needed, or if you live upstairs in a block of flats. Make sure you bear these extra costs in mind before you place an order for ready assembled furniture.

Paying for luxury designer ready assembled furniture is an investment and the extra cost is worth it in most cases.

Does the Quality Match the Price?
One question many people ask is whether the price of ready assembled furniture is justified by the quality. This is a tough question, that really depends on how much you’re paying and who you’re buying your furniture from. As an example, paying extra for furniture in Argos because it is ready assembled and requires two delivery drivers, is probably not going to be very cost effective. You’d be better off buying flat pack furniture and putting it together yourself.

We spoke to several people and asked why they purchased ready assembled furniture, the first misconception is that they presume the quality of a ready made piece costing £600 will be of better quality than a piece at £300 that came un-assembled. This is not always true, mostly you are paying for convenience and extra manufacturing costs.

Some high end companies offering ready assembled furniture obviously do offer extremely good quality pieces. Paying for luxury designer furniture is an investment and the extra cost is worth it in most cases.

As we’ve said before, you will have to factor in the extra costs of having your furniture already made, along with delivery charges. Is it good value for money? That all depends on what your goals are.

We have been called out several times because people believed there was no assembly involved only to find their furniture arrived flat and in a thousand pieces in a box.

Alternative Options to Ready Assembled Furniture
So, what are the alternatives to ready assembled furniture? Of course the main one is flatpack furniture, but then that brings all of the stress and wasted time trying to put it together. However, what if you could purchase your flatpack furniture, that was of high quality, didn’t cost a fortune in delivery charges, and was assembled for you? That’s exactly the service we provide at We Love Flatpacks. We’ll happily assemble any of your flatpack furniture, saving you the time and hassle, so that you can make the most of better deals. It means you can get a delivery of furniture from IKEA, then get it all assembled for you at your convenience.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the vast pool of high quality and fashionable flatpack furniture, with the convenience of ready assembled furniture. It’s a win-win situation, really. It’s also far more cost effective than paying a company to manufacture, store, and deliver furniture that has been ready assembled.

Now that you know a little more about ready assembled furniture, and the alternative options, what do you think? Would you rather pay a premium to have something already made delivered to you? Or would you prefer to make the most out of flatpack furniture and hire us to assemble it for you? If you’re still unsure then get in touch and we’ll talk you through the benefits of outsourcing your flat pack furniture assembly.

Final word of advice:

If you are buying ready assembled furniture be sure its definitely not flatpacked! In some cases manufacturers sneakily avoid telling the customer that there is extensive assembly involved with their products. We have been called out several times because people believed there was no assembly involved only to find their furniture arrived flat and in a thousand pieces in a box.

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