Why pay for an assembly service?

Why pay for an assembly service?

Help with flat packed furniture

Building flat packed furniture is another one of those chores that people forget how frustrating and time consuming it can be until they start doing it again. Constructing flat packed furniture can often take much, much longer to build than anticipated.

Common complaints from DIY flat pack builders are things like:

  • Frustratingly designed instructions.
  • Scratched and damaged furniture whilst assembling.
  • Ending up with spare parts that leave people unsure as to whether they have built it properly.
  • The furniture is often wobbly and lacking sturdiness when built.
  • The issue of how the furniture looks and functions after the construction is done – doors can often look misaligned and draws do not function properly which leads to,
  • more of your precious time being wasted on researching and rectifying the issues.
  • Arguing with your assembly partner!

Yes, most people are capable of building flat packed furniture but the issue is whether you really want to waste time and energy doing it your self when for a small fee you can hire someone to do it for you. We Love Flatpacks, will provide you with a simple fixed price for unpacking and constructing your furniture at your home or office. We will even break down all of your packaging for you and if you request, we can disassemble your old furniture as well. Because we build furniture day in day out, we can assemble the furniture quickly (normally within 2 hours) and have knowledge and awareness of each of the different manufacturers quirks and issues so we know what to look out for.

More and more people are turning to We Love Flatpacks to take the frustration and wasted time out of home furniture assembly. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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