Mrs Flatpack reviews

Mrs Flatpack is a provider of affordable ready to assemble furniture with some great low cost, space saving products including cabin beds, desks, and fun and affordable children’s beds.

On the whole the internet reviews related to Mrs Flatpacks service and products are positive, although a particular post seen here, seemed to really stab at the service and went to extra lengths to create negative press about the company, however the dispute seems to have been rectified.

We have assembled many Mrs flatpack products and they are straight forward to build and the quality is more than adequate. Children seem to love the brightly coloured and interesting bed designs, and the practical desks are great for young professional couples with smaller space starved properties.

Overall Mrs Flatpack does exactly what it says on the tin. When you go to the website you are greeted with a basic website that could be improved slightly in terms of user experience, but once you get used to the less than polished appearance navigating around is simple. You will also see they stock bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and TV units all catered for the price conscious buyer.

Mrs Flatpack provides good, straight forward to assemble furniture, that’s not that different to Ikea furniture assembly. One of the biggest differences between these two furniture companies is the design.  Mrs Flatpack will  struggle to compete with Ikea in this area but has none the less done well to carve out its own little niche.

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