Middle classes: The DIFM generation

Collection of tools to depict the DIFM or 'Do It for me' generation.DIFM – Do it for me!

The recent difficult global economic situation has put extra strain on the affluent middle classes. Professionals and those in managerial roles have had extra pressure piled on them to work to the max to ensure their places of work pull through.

This extra stress has led to people valuing the time they spend with their families more than ever before. The last thing people want to do when they return from work is to to start sanding and filling walls or assembling flat pack furniture. (See our Stephen Fry flatpack commentary for a giggle!).

Interest in DIY has waned over the last few years, with less media coverage of the topic and a growing consumer trend towards employing someone else to do the chores have spurred the do-it-for-me (DIFM) generation.

As well as a the novelty of DIY wearing off and people having better things to do with their time, it also often makes financial sense to ‘get some in’. An influx of low cost labour to the UK has pushed the price of hiring a tradesman to an all time low making DIFM an even more attractive proposition.

The furniture industry has also been affected by the Do It For Me culture. Fashionable furniture makers like Ikea, Habitat, Dwell and many others, provide stylish, well made furniture  at very reasonable prices. However these lower prices do come at a cost to the buyer, they are shipped flat packed to lower manufacturing costs and shipping, and transportation costs. On the other hand because the prices are still reasonable, it leaves change in the buyers pocket to pay for someone to assemble it for them.

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