Why More Londoners Are Getting Their Flatpack Furniture Assembled – And You Should Too!

Image representing a busy person getting flatpack furniture assembledMore and more people in London have turned to getting their flatpack furniture assembled over the last couple of years; it certainly seems to be a growing trend. But why? We take a look at the reasons behind people living in London getting their furniture assembled by professional flatpack assembly services, and why you should be too!

Busy London Life
London is one of the busiest cities in the planet, a fact which those who live here know all too well. Those who have set up home in London are likely to be constantly busy, whether that be through work, family life, going to the gym, or even just 24 hour socialising. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why more Londoners are getting their flatpack furniture assembled. No, it doesn’t mean that they’re lazy or can’t be bothered to do it themselves; it means that they simply don’t have the time and want to make the most of any spare time they have.


It’s not just Londoners however, as people from around the UK are constantly being stretched too thin with work and family life. More and more people are looking for faster ways to get things done, from ordering their shopping online to workouts at home. Getting flatpack furniture assembled is simply another quick way of getting things done, in this age of convenience. Do you really have the time to put together bedroom wardrobes, sofas, and TV units? If you’re living and working in London then it’s highly unlikely.


 No, it doesn’t mean that they’re lazy or can’t be bothered to do it themselves; it means that they simply don’t have the time and want to make the most of any spare time they have.


Stress-Free Furniture
Another big reason why Londoners are getting their flatpack furniture assembled comes down to stress levels. We’ve already mentioned how busy everybody is in the city, which generates it’s fair share of stress. Asking a Londoner to add more stress to their day, by spending hours building flatpack furniture, is risky business. At a minimum it eats in to our hard earned downtime whilst at the extreme end of the scale too much stress and our bodies begin to shut down; it’s called burning the candle at both ends.


Everyone knows how stressful it can be to build flat pack furniture, it seems like one of those impossible puzzles. It’s even more stressful when you need that piece of furniture right away, such as a bed to sleep on. Stress can cause all sorts of problems, impacting both work and home life. It’s not like you can call into the office and say you’re not going into work, because flat pack furniture has stressed you out. Getting flatpack furniture assembled, by a professional, will take away all of that stress and worry. You can simply enjoy your brand new furniture, without pulling your hair out to build it.


Cost Effective and Beautifully Designed Homes
It’s not very often that the words ‘cost effective’ and ‘beautifully designed homes’ actually work well together, unless you’re buying flat pack furniture. With many of the big name stores now delivering furniture in flat pack, with inspiration taken from IKEA, you’ll find that most items for the home will have to be built. Luckily for you, flat pack furniture is a far more cost effective solution than purchasing something ready built. It costs the companies less in manufacturing, with the savings then passed on to the customers.


This means you can easily design and decorate a beautiful home, without having to spend a fortune. However, as we’ve mentioned above, you do need to factor in your time, energy, and stress levels. If it’s taking you six hours to build a cupboard (six hours you could be getting on with some work), then how much is that going to cost you? It is far more cost effective to get your flatpack furniture assembled, when you think about the time and effort involved. After all, time is money. Those living in London recognise the benefits of buying flat pack furniture, along with the added benefits of getting it assembled for them.


It seems obvious now why more Londoners are getting their flatpack furniture assembled, when you take these 3 reasons into account. It has nothing to do with being lazy, or being unable to read the instructions; it is actually a great way to save time and money, whilst also keeping those stress levels down. If you want to know more about getting your flatpack furniture assembled, then give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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