Ikea solar panels to be rolled out across UK stores

Ikea image - Selling solar panels

Swedish meatballs, wardrobes and errr, solar panels!

Ikea solar panels will be available to buy at Ikea’s Southampton superstore next Monday after an initial test sale in East London. They will be on sale at the rest of their stores over the coming weeks. This seems like the perfect progression from their range of flat packed houses and such diversification is typical of a brilliant business that makes its money by providing us with brilliant products that make our lives easier. Ikea understands there is a huge interest in cleaner energy in the UK and hopes to fill this market gap. The head of sustainability, Joanna Yarrow said “We know that our customers want to live more sustainably and we hope working with Hanergy to make solar panels affordable and easily available helps them do just that.”

The UK government currently subsidises renewable energy and people who have solar panels installed and generate excess energy can sell it back to the national grid. Similar schemes were in place in other european countries such as Germany but now many of these schemes have stopped or have less incentives. This could be why Ikea has chosen the UK as test market.

The solar equipment is being produced in conjunction with a German and Chinese company called Hanergy. Although the company seems more Chinese than German. Hopefully the panels will have German quality at Chinese prices. And it seems like they will. Ikea’s starting price for the panels will be begin at £5700 for 18 panels. This is relatively cheap compared to other manufacturers and you get the added value of Ikea warranties.

We Love Ikea not only because it provides us with customers but because of the innovative new products it constantly brings out. Who knows in a couple of weeks we may start getting people asking ask if we can install solar panels alongside assembling their furniture.

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