How to fix holes and cracks in your walls quickly

If your renting a property and you are about to move home, your landlord will usually expect you to leave the property as you found it. If during your stay you have installed tall pieces of furniture such as wardrobes or dressers, there’s a good chance that you secured these to the wall for safety. You probably only become aware of the big ugly holes you have created when it’s moving day and your removal men are moving your furniture.

OK so now you have a small problem – you want your landlord to give your deposit back but you have left him with ugly holes in his walls.

Don’t worry!

These can be easily filled by buying some ready mixed filler from your local hardware store. You simply take an old bank card and wipe it into the hole and removing any excess filler from the wall. You let this dry, give it a quick sand and then repeat the process to fill in any gaps the first coat may have left. If you need to touch up with a particular colour of paint, go get a paint swatch to find a near enough colour match, (because it’s a small area it does not have to be exact) and just buy a sample pot for a couple of pounds instead of an expensive full tin. Even if its not an exact match it will look better than a couple of shabby holes. If your really stuck for time you could always enlist the help of our handyman service to do it for you.

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