Bedroom furniture assembly times for beginners

I would like to help people who are planning to assemble their flat pack furniture themselves by running a series of blogs about the topic. We sometimes get asked how long certain items of flat pack furniture take to build so I am providing a guide for estimated assembly times for flat pack DIYers. Remember the times I provide will be estimates  for people who are less acquainted with the challenges flat packed furniture assembly can throw up. Expert flat pack assembly services  will be much quicker.If you have assembled lots of flat packed furniture in the past and are quite technically minded then the you will probably do it quicker than the estimates below. The timings I give are a rough guide for people who are new to flat pack assembly or who sometimes struggle with building it.

Today I am going to write about assembling Bedroom furniture. 

Flatpack wardrobe assembly

Another fine piece of furniture assembled by We Love Flatpacks!

The bedroom usually has some of the most difficult and cumbersome furniture to assemble such as wardrobes and beds. These are awkward because of their size and weight. Wardrobes tend to be difficult because they have large heavy sides and doors and may need to be assembled upright if there is not enough space to assemble them flat on the floor. Making the doors look level and straight can also be difficult. Securing the wardrobe to the wall must also be taken into consideration which will help to prevent it from ever falling forward and potentially injuring someone. Beds tend to be difficult  because it can be awkward to maneuver and lay out the parts.

Below is an estimated time for assembly and a rating of the difficulty of the assembly, 1 being easy and 5 being the most difficult.


Estimated time for flat pack beginner; 4 – 6 hours (2 and a half to 4 and half hours for a professional flat pack assembly service)

Difficulty rating; 5

Assembling flat pack wardrobes usually takes the longest and is probably the most difficult piece of furniture to build, as mentioned above they normally need securing to the wall. Single doored flat pack wardrobes are obviously the easiest whilst 4-5 door wardrobes with sliding doors will on average take the longest.


Estimated time for beginner; 3 – 4 hours (between 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half for a professional flat pack assembly service)

Difficulty rating; 3

The key to assembling flat pack beds is preparing the space to work and then carefully reading the instructions. A common mistake is to fit the head at the foot. Once you have organised your working area and are clear about how to build it, assembling is relatively straightforward.

Bedside cabinets

Estimated time for beginner; 2 – 4 hours (One hour for a professional flat pack assembly service)

Difficulty rating; 2

Bedside cabinets vary in size but this does not affect build time that much. Obviously they often come in pairs so by the time it comes to assembling the second bedside cabinet you understand a bit more about the process!

Chests of draws

Difficulty rating; 2

Estimated time for beginner; 2 – 5 hours (between 45 minutes to 3 hours for a professional flat pack assembly service)

It’s getting the frame right, i.e. sides top and back that is key. There are many different parts that look the same for example long strips of wood for the insides that can be put in the wrong way. The draws take a long time to assemble and become very tedious when you have six or more to assemble don’t be tempted to miss anything out!


Estimated time for beginner; 3 – 4 hours (between 45 minutes to one hour for a professional flat pack assembly service)

Difficulty rating; 3

Similar to bedside tables and if a mirror is included please take care when handling.

My final piece of advice when assembling flat packed bedroom furniture is to start early in the day when your mind is fresh. If you start to assemble when you are tired or rushed you are more likely to miss parts off or use the wrong parts in the wrong places which can double the time you spend on it because you may need to break it down and then reassemble. If you find yourself getting frustrated, put your tools down and do something else, have a cup of tea and then go back to it later or better still leave it till the next morning. This will help lower risk of ruining your product wasting your time and ruining your nerves!

Good luck and please look out for more flat pack assembly advice in future posts.


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