Why Handymen are better than tradesmen

Handymen painting and decoratingHere are some reasons why sometimes it’s better to hire a Handyman as opposed to a one service tradesmen. If you have ever had some work that needed to be done in your home then you may have had to hire someone in to do some  kind of work for you. Those jobs can range from complicated projects such as home extensions or less complex projects such as fitting a kitchen or changing a tap. When jobs require specialist knowledge and certification such as electrical rewires or gas work You definitely  need a specialist tradesmen, however when the work does not need a specialist, Handyman can be the better choice.

1. Tradesmen are not flexible, can be ‘siloed’ and unwilling to do anything beyond their remit or job description.

During any building work there is often conflict between trades about timings and common areas used. This leads to each trade defending their territory and getting a ‘them and us’ mentality. For example, if you ask a builder to do something other than brickwork, they sometimes defensively state that it is not their area of work and that they will not touch it. Handymen on the other hand are multi skilled and are there to help you with anything you wish.

2. Tradesmen are more expensive.

Rarely do tradesmen work alone. The industry norm is to have a skilled worker and at least one ‘mate’ to help him. This means extra labour costs and ‘day rates’ as opposed to single man hourly rates. A Handyman service can charge by the hour and that hour can be for one person. This reduces labour costs on two levels.

3. Tradesmen can be know-it-alls and unwilling to listen.

‘I’ve been doing this for thirty years love, you don’t have to tell me what to do’. Yes tradesmen are probably more knowledgeable in the technical aspects of their trades. However, customers have brains too and when having work done in their own homes, they need to know that their thoughts, opinions and goals are listened to and incorporated into any jobs they hire someone to do. Handymen are generally bigger picture people because they have multiple trade skills.

4. Tradesmen can be messy.

Tradesmen usually have big dusty vans and team of several people trampling your property. This can lead to more space being cleared to work and more chances of dirt and dust spoiling your furnishings. Handymen on the other hand tend to set up for smaller jobs with appropriate tools. They also do not have to wear big dusty boots to work in.

To sum up it’s probably better to hire a Handyman if you need multiple odd jobs done around your home. They are normally more flexible and are there to get things done as opposed to get their own stuff done. Off course if it’s a specialty job such as Gas or Electrics then go for a qualified tradesmen.

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