Great use of an IKEA PAX wardrobe in a bathroom

For those that do not know, PAX is a versatile and stylish wardrobe system produced by the furniture giants IKEA. It’s PAX Wardrobe assembled in bathroom bromleynormally only found in bedrooms and filled with clothing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere in the home.

The PAX wardrobe system pictured was assembled into a lovely Victorian bathroom of a large family home in the affluent suburb of Bromley. The busy mum who made clever use of the furniture needed some bathroom storage to cope with her growing family. She had the option of either buying something off the shelf or having custom made furniture built. The problem was that most of the furniture she found was not adequate for her needs, so she decided to look for another solution and PAX seemed like a perfect choice.

Having fitted IKEA furniture in other rooms of the house she knew that the quality was excellent so was confident enough just to order online without the need to go in store. The unit is made up of one large frame at a height of 236cm, this is the taller of the two sizes that the PAX system comes in, the other being 201cm. This size takes full advantage of the tall Victorian ceilings in the room for maximum vertical storage. The inside of the frame has nine shelves where clothing normally hangs, which gives a huge amount of shelf space. At the bottom there are three SKUBB storage boxes – perfect for nappies or bath toys!

The finishing touches to the wardrobe are two high gloss doors and old fashioned silver knobs. The high gloss doors compliment the natural wood of the original Victorian room door and woodwork. Usually you will find long modern silver handles added to the front of these doors, but the knobs worked perfectly in this situation.

Being pregnant and having a toddler running around made it impossible for the Mum to build the flatpacked furniture duringPAX Wardrobe assembled in bathroom bromley showing shelves the day and Dad was busy working in the City, so it made sense to get us in to assemble it for them. Even after the cost of the furniture assembly was added to the cost of the furniture it still worked out a fraction of the cost of getting comparable custom made furniture built.

Normally, PAX frames can be assembled flat on the floor and then lifted into place, but because the bathroom did not have the floor space, we needed to build it upright. Once up it was then levelled and securely bolted to the walls. It’s not always necessary to attach PAX frames to the wall but the nine shelves could make a very tempting climbing frame for a toddler!

Overall the storage looked great and more importantly allowed the family to keep the bathroom tidy and clutter free. A great way to take full advantage of the brilliant PAX system. We would also recommend taking a look at the BESTA system as well, another super system from IKEA that’s great for customising storage.

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