Flatpack assembly

Flatpack assembly illustrated by lots of nuts and boltsWe build it for you!

Flatpack Assembly has become an integrated part of the furniture buying process. The main reason for flatpacked furniture is that manufacturers such as Ikea, Argos, Mamas and Papas, John Lewis and Habitat, can cut down on labour, shipping and storage costs and then pass the savings on to you. OK, so it’s great that your saving hundreds of pounds on your furniture, but it’s not so great if you dislike having to build it yourself. In reality it’s kind of like the manufacturers are paying you to assemble it – even they are trying to pile the most difficult part of buying furniture on to you! We understand that trying to do a flatpack assembly when your busy with moving in or juggling family and work commitments is difficult but don’t worry…

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Flatpack assembly can be a pain

Anyone that has ever assembled flatpacked furniture will be aware of the  flatpack assembly process. Large boxes that are heavy and awkward shapes to move fill the rooms of your house and rob you of space. When it comes to assembly time you can guarantee it will take the average DIYer much longer than expected to assemble, either starting in the evening and continuing into the night, or starting on a weekend morning and taking the whole day leaving you tired and tense. Instructions are badly designed and the actual flatpack assembly can be fiddly. Then after all that you have to spend another hour cleaning up all the small bits of packaging and MDF dust from your carpet. Sometimes we also hear of how people have unwittingly chipped and scratched their walls whilst building their furniture or worse still the furniture itself.

We Love Flatpacks understand that flatpack assembly is a task many people would rather leave to someone else. Whether your to busy to build your furniture or you just don’t like doing it then we can help you. Please feel free to get in touch today about our flatpack assembly service, or visit our flatpack service quotation page if you would like a quick quote.