A quick guide to flat pack furniture installation services

Flat pack assembly service in a homeThinking of hiring a professional flat pack furniture installation service? Or are you in the process of purchasing or have already purchased some flat packed furniture? Great then here’s a quick guide that may help you.

So who usually hires people to install their flat packed furniture?

There are several groups of people who use flat pack installation services including:

  • Busy mums and dads
  • Young professionals
  • People moving from over seas
  • Office Managers

Busy mums and dads Busy mums and dads are by definition just too time starved to be having to build and install flat pack furniture. The situation is normally the same, they either have their first child on the way or have a small child already and are under pressure to ensure their home is ready for their new arrivals. This normally means new nursery furniture such as baby wardrobes, changing stations and cots. It can also mean an entire new baby friendly apartment full of furniture. Even a simple cot can be impossible to make when you are pregnant or have a toddler running around. The last thing people need when they get 5 minutes break is to be assembling furniture.

Young professionals also often require a furniture installation service to help them get organised in their new home. Often working long hours to climb high on their career ladder, assembling flat pack furniture can be a massive chore. A similar story often plays out. After their first couple of promotions and with a little extra hard earned disposable income, there comes a time when its necessary to move out of the flat share and into their own home. Usually a modern apartment in London thats unfurnished its time to hit the internet to choose some furniture. This normally means a whole apartments worth of furniture. The decision to call in a flat pack furniture installation service becomes a no brainer considering the small extra cost in comparison to the cost of the furniture.

Following on from young professionals there’s a similar demographic of people who often use flat pack furniture installation services – people moving from overseas. Often singles who are moving for a new job, they often need to plan well in advance and the key things they look for in an installation company are reliability and trust. Moving from another country often means that you have little knowledge of local businesses in your new city so a reputable flat pack installation like We Love Flatpacks helps to remove some worry from the moving process.

Office furniture installation serviceNext there are office managers who require flat pack installation services. Ranging from small start ups to established companies upgrading or moving their businesses. Even at small startups where everyones working together to get the business going its a big ask to lumber the staff with the task of putting together furniture. In established businesses where most office furniture these days comes flat packed speed and safety is key to getting a new office up and running again so a team of reputable flat pack furniture installers who can un pack, assemble and install in a professional and timely manner is a must.

What types of furniture does a flat pack furniture installation service assemble?

There is really no limit to the types of furniture assembled they broadly include:

  • Garden furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Bathroom furniture

play house assembly installationGarden furniture includes all types of outdoor furniture. Most popular are tables and chairs followed by outdoor storage such as sheds and bike stores. Barbecue installation and assembly are also popular due to the amount of bolts and awkward sharp metal pieces involved. By far the most fun items of outdoor furniture to install and assemble has to be children’s furniture such as tree houses and big play centres with slides and swings. Finally another very popular item to be assembled is trampolines, almost every garden has one these days where children are near.

Kitchen furniture includes the installation of flat pack units and doors, it often works out cheaper to hire a flatpack installation company to build the units and let the builder or kitchen fitter install them. Other items in the kitchen that are usually built are large kitchen tables and chairs. These items are usually high value statement furniture and customers are looking to have them built correctly. Another recent staple for kitchens is the portable kitchen island, a bit smaller than a built in island but highly practical none the less.

Probably the most visited area by your professional flat pack installation service is the bedroom. This is because the two biggest and heaviest items of the home are placed in here – the bed and the wardrobe. Beds especially ottoman beds are cumbersome and difficult to make. And wardrobes are normally taller than the average person and require heavy lifting to hoist them up from the floor during assembly. Some manufacturers assembly diagrams for wardrobes can be immensely frustrating to follow with lots of different sized screws and unfamiliar parts. Following on from that are bedside tables and chests of drawers that normally go hand in hand with the bigger items.

Flat pack assembly service in a homeLiving room flat pack furniture that needs assembling includes TV stands, tables and chairs, coffee tables, and storage. Storage is normally the most complicated item of furniture to install because it normally involves wall fixing and can include decorative lighting. Sofas are also notoriously self assembly these days and can be difficult to get just right especially when you need to attach the upholstery, it can be difficult to stretch the fabric so it aligns perfectly, and its not normally until the end you realise any mistake and have to go back to square one. In smaller apartments it has also become popular to make use of the extra space and flexibility that a sofa bed affords, especially the L shaped Chaise and sofa combination.

Bathroom furniture is fairly limited when it comes to flat pack furniture installation but wall hung mirror cabinets drilled often drilled onto tiled walls and tall slim storage units with mirrored doors are very popular.

Which brands of furniture come as flat packed?

It used to be the case that only the cheaper brands came in flat pack boxes ready for flat pack furniture installation such as Argos and IKEA so as to provide extra savings for their customers, The reality now is that most furniture comes flat packed. High end brands such as Heals and Hulsta push out furniture ranges that require assembly. This has lead to a high demand for flat pack installation services.

Other popular brands such Next, John Lewis and Made also require assembly. IKEA leads the way when it comes to flat packed furniture and is currently the only company who seems to offer the complete solution to moving into a new home with everything you need in one place. Garden furniture is normally always flat packed because delivery would be impossible otherwise, there are now many online brands that cater for outdoor furniture, such as Homebase, BQ, The Range, and World Stores.

How long does flat pack assembly and installation take?

Small jobs such as a chest of bed side tables can take a professional flat pack furniture installation technician 15 minutes. Medium jobs such as a complete bedrooms that include a bed, large wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and a couple of bedside tables take around 4 hours, whilst a large apartment may take a team of three installers a whole day. Office furniture installation which includes many desks and chairs can take a couple of days. The largest job we have completed was a 30 bedroom hotel that took our team a complete week to install. The biggest single piece items such as large garden play furniture, large wardrobes and wall storage can take a day just by themselves. On average though, jobs are between two and six hours.

So I hope this who, what, when, and where of flat pack furniture installation can give you an insight and answer a few queries you may have. You probably fall into one of the categories above with similar issues and flat pack assembly needs so I trust this guide can at least help you plan your new furniture installation. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or require any more information.

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