Everything You Need to Know About Flatpack Construction

Ever wanted to know everything there is to know about flatpack construction? Of course, who doesn’t right? OK, admittedly it’s not on everyones list of things to know about, but if you’re buying furniture there’s a high probability that it will arrive at your door flat packed, meaning you will either need to assemble it yourself or hire professional flatpack assemblers like us to do it for you.

Written from the perspective of our lovely customers we’ve put together an interesting guide which covers everything you could possibly need to know about flatpack construction; including how stressful it is, how it’s never as easy as the diagram portrays, and how you can get someone to do it all for you. If flatpack construction comes up in the next Pub Quiz, you’ll be a pro after reading this guide.

It’s Stressful
If you’ve never tried putting flat pack furniture together before, then you’ll never have experienced stress levels like this. There’s something so infuriating about trying to put together a flat pack piece of furniture, that drives most people up the wall. Even those who pride themselves in being calm will find themselves turning the air blue, when partaking in some casual flatpack construction.

So, why do people always buy so much flat pack furniture? The high quality products you can get from stores such as IKEA, at incredible prices, always entices people in. They forget what it was like the last time it took them 4 days to put up a bookshelf, especially when they see a piece of furniture that they like in store. The fact is, most people will find flatpack construction extremely stressful and time consuming, which can sometimes outweigh the benefits of great quality and great prices. Us on the other hand? We love constructing flat pack furniture, as you can probably tell from our name.

It Isn’t As Easy As The Diagram
There are many running jokes about IKEA flat pack furniture instructions, most of which are too rude to share. However, it isn’t a joke when you’re struggling with a ton of wooden panels, 6 different sized screws, and nothing is making sense. The diagrams for flat pack furniture have been made with simplicity in mind, trying to make things as easy as possible for people. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when it comes to flatpack construction. Whether it’s because stress is already anticipated (see above), or just because whoever draws the diagrams has no clue, flatpack construction is never as easy as they make it out to be.

If you’re like us, and put together flat pack furniture on a daily basis, then you’ll soon come to understand what a circle with cross and squiggly line actually means. In fact, many of the flat pack furniture items we build we have already constructed before; yes, that means we don’t even need the instructions. Don’t worry though, we know that constructing flat pack furniture is never as easy as the diagram makes out.

You Can Get Someone To Do It For You
There is nothing shameful about getting stressed or confused when building flat pack furniture. It’s actually perfectly normal. The best thing about flatpack construction, however, is that you can actually just get someone to do it for you. Someone who doesn’t get stressed out about it, and who understands exactly what those unusual diagram instructions are actually saying. Someone like us, for example.

There are plenty of reasons why people call the professionals in when it comes to assembling flat pack furniture; from not being able to understand the instructions, to not being able to deal with the stress, and just because they don’t have the time to do it for themselves. Whatever the reason, at least now you know that you can get someone to do all of your flatpack construction for you! That means no stress, no IKEA diagrams, no time wasting, and just simply getting to enjoy your new furniture. Get in touch if you want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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