Coolest ever flatpacked childrens bed assembled

image of childrens flatpack bed called habitat skipper bedImage of two fun flatpacked childrens bedsWe had the pleasure  of encountering this amazing flatpacked childrens bed designed by racing yachtsman Loick Peyron whilst on a job for one of our customers today.

The ‘Skipper’ bed, so called because it resembles a sail boat, was a limited edition product commissioned by the furniture giant Habitat around 2007. They are now becoming a bit of a collectors item and are being snapped up by parents who realise how brilliant they are for children.

The bed is fun in so many ways and has elements built in that instantly took me back to being a boy again. Firstly the bed is raised of the ground giving the feeling of being in a tree house. Secondly the frame envelopes the child in canopy that reminded me of when I use to make a ‘camp’ with towels or bed sheets between dining room chairs. Then there’s the windows on the sides and top that lets you feel like you’re looking into space.

Although this is meant to be a childrens bed that’s a boat, I’m pretty sure Loick Peyron tried to think of all the things that he liked doing as a child and rolled them into one brilliant bed.


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