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10 Time Saving Ideas for Moving House by We Love Flatpacks

Moving house is one of the most stressful and time consuming things we’ll ever do in our lifetime; that’s a research backed fact. However, the average Brit moving 8 times in their life, it’s something we can’t really get away

5 Ways Outsourcing Your Flatpack Assembly Will Get You A Promotion

If you’ve been working out how to get a promotion in your job then chances are you’ve stumbled across some rather weird and wonderful ideas; from wearing a pale blue shirt into the office to buying coffee for the boss

Ten handyman painting tips

Painting is one of tasks that most people take on as there first DIY job, but many people struggle to get a good finish. Woodwork, such as skirting, door frames and window frames are often the most difficult areas to

Why choose our handyman services

Our Handyman services has helped many of our busy customers to get things done around their homes, here’s a recent review from a customer that I thought was worthy of it’s own blog! “My friend recently pointed me in the

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Why Handymen are better than tradesmen

Here are some reasons why sometimes it’s better to hire a Handyman as opposed to a one service tradesmen. If you have ever had some work that needed to be done in your home then you may have had to