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A quick guide to flat pack furniture installation services

Thinking of hiring a professional flat pack furniture installation service? Or are you in the process of purchasing or have already purchased some flat packed furniture? Great then here’s a quick guide that may help you. So who usually hires

Assembling Flatpack Furniture Can Make You Fat

We all know that assembling flatpack furniture is a bit of a bore, but did you know it can actually bad for your health as well? Believe it or not, putting together that 2000 piece wardobe could be adding inches

15 reasons why you should use a flatpack assembly service in London

Flatpack is the the bane of furniture buying for most people. Below is a list of the most common reasons why people hire an assembly service to build their furniture for them. 1. You’re too busy. Working, gym, kids, pub, study, you

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How to fix holes and cracks in your walls quickly

If your renting a property and you are about to move home, your landlord will usually expect you to leave the property as you found it. If during your stay you have installed tall pieces of furniture such as wardrobes

Very assembly instructions for flatpack missing

Very, the internet shopping company, offers a large offering of home and garden products. It has a good range of ready to assemble furniture. I have heard a lot of complaints recently about Very’s flatpack assembly instructions missing from their wardrobe range.

Ikea assembly instructions missing?

Ikea assembly instructions missing? If your Ikea assembly instructions are missing after you purchase some used furniture, and you are faced with a big pile of wood with metal fixtures and hinges hanging off of them and you don’t know where

Middle classes: The DIFM generation

DIFM – Do it for me! The recent difficult global economic situation has put extra strain on the affluent middle classes. Professionals and those in managerial roles have had extra pressure piled on them to work to the max to ensure their places of work

Secure furniture to the wall easily

When you’re five years old you are always looking for new adventures. Furniture such as wardrobes make excellent places to hide on top of and book cases make excellent ‘mountains’ to climb. Unfortunately these pieces  of furniture can also cause