5 Ways Outsourcing Your Flatpack Assembly Will Get You A Promotion

If you’ve been working out how to get a promotion in your job then chances are you’ve stumbled across some rather weird and wonderful ideas; from wearing a pale blue shirt into the office to buying coffee for the boss on a daily basis. However, we bet you’ve never come across an article that says outsourcing your flatpack assembly will get you a promotion… Until now. You may think we’ve finally lost the plot, but we promise you there’s some real, solid facts behind our argument. If you’re looking to get promoted then don’t assemble your flatpack furniture yourself, get someone else to do it for you. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Take Less Stress To Work
One of the biggest factors stopping you getting that promotion is stress. Any stress that you encounter at home will slowly weedle its way into your work and impact your performance. However well you think you may be covering up those stressful encounters, your boss is going to notice them. A stressed employee isn’t a productive employee and is therefore not ripe for promotion. Say you’ve just moved into your new apartment, to be closer to the office (brownie points), and you’ve invested in a whole load of flatpack furniture to deck it out in. The stress levels caused by building bookcases, wardrobes and sofas, are going to go through the roof. Instead of pulling your hair out and losing sleep over allen keys, nuts and bolts, outsource the assembly of your flatpack furniture instead. You’ll be less stressed, your work performance will soar and your boss will have to put your name down for that all-important promotion.

2. Relax in a Happier Environment
This part almost goes hand in hand with the stress factors we’ve just looked at, but we’re focusing on the bigger picture here. Be realistic, how long will it take you to get your new apartment sorted out and liveable? Will the flatpack furniture sit around in boxes until you realise you do actually need to sleep on a bed frame, not just a mattress? How happy you are at home will reflect in your work; meaning that a happy and relaxing home environment, is the key to getting a promotion. Home should be somewhere you look forward to going, after a long and stressful day at work, not somewhere you dread to look at due to unpacked furniture boxes. By getting someone to assemble your flatpack furniture, how and where you want it, you can focus on creating a home out of your house. Now, when you get home from work, you can curl up on your assembled sofa, grab a book from your assembled bookcase and then get some sleep on your assembled bed – fresh and ready for work the next day.

3. More Free Time (For Work or Play)
They say that those who are successful in their careers tend to be able to strike a fine balance between work and play. No one has ever said that successful people have to put both work and play on hold, whilst they assemble flatpack furniture. The truth is, taking time out of your day to put together furniture isn’t going to do your home or work life any good. Imagine telling your boss that you couldn’t finish that important presentation in time, because you were busy putting together your living room furniture. You also need to take time to rest and recuperate, if you ever want to get hold of that promotion. Someone that burns the candles at both end is due to crash, which means a couple of sick days off work; certainly not promotion worthy. Don’t waste time doing things that other people can do for you, focus on your work and play balance instead.

4. Create Your Own Home Office
Ever wanted a home office, but didn’t really want to either spend a fortune on it or have to put it all together? The best thing about flatpack furniture is that it tends to be much better value than pre-built stuff. The drawback is, you have to assemble it yourself. Kill two birds with one stone, by buying a flatpack home office and then outsourcing the assembly. You can create an incredible work space, within your home, that is perfect for those out of office jobs. Catch up with work, keep in touch with clients and even do some remote jobs, all from the comfort of your own home. If working from home, out of hours, isn’t going to secure you a promotion then we don’t know what will.

5. Impress Your Boss
There’s two reasons why outsourcing your flatpack assembly will impress your boss. The first is that you can invite him or her round for dinner, in order to let them marvel at your impressive taste in furniture. The second is showing a lack of ingenuity and time saving skills, by delegating the less strategic jobs to appropriate people; something that is a must-have for management level jobs. Your boss will be so impressed at your delegation skills, good taste in furniture and overall work performance (due to the lack of stress, see above) that they will probably promote you right there and then. Probably.

Put down those powder blue shirts and vanilla spiced lattes, as the only true way you’re going to get a promotion in this day and age is by outsourcing your flatpack assembly. Say goodbye to being number two in the office and hello to becoming the new managing director; just by simply giving us a call and asking us to assemble your flatpack furniture for you. It’s our pleasure!

Assembling Flatpack Furniture Can Make You Fat

We all know that assembling flatpack furniture is a bit of a bore, but did you know it can actually bad for your health as well?

A scientist

Believe it or not, putting together that 2000 piece wardobe could be adding inches to your waistline without you even noticing. It may sound completely farfetched, but the combination of stress and lack of spare time, which comes from assembling flatpack furniture, can certainly make you fat. Still don’t believe us? Here’s some scientific facts that may make you think twice about putting together your own furniture.


Getting Stressed Out
Let’s be honest, who can actually assemble flatpack furniture without feeling at least a little bit stressed out? The instructions don’t make sense, you’re missing some pieces, you’ve put the drawers on backwards and it all feels like one of those horrid Crystal Maze tasks that’s going to get you locked in a room, until someone bails you out. It seems as though flatpack furniture, although being stylish and reasonably priced, has been specifically designed to raise stress levels through the roof. So, what is all this unnecessary stress doing to your health and waistline? Scientists have proven that getting stressed for any reason (including assembling your own flatpack furniture) can wreak havoc on your body, in the following ways:


  • It can reduce your ability to burn fat, even if you are lugging around boxes and playing a bizarre game of Twister to put furniture pieces together.
  • It can make you hungry and crave sugar. Hunger + no free time = takeaways galore, but we’ll get onto that later.
  • It can also create hormone imbalances, make your liver fatty and make your cells less sensitive to insulin.
  • Quite frankly, getting stressed out is a surefire way to get fat, along with causing a load of other health problems along the way. The less stressed you are, the more likely you are to stay slim, trim and super healthy.


No Free Time
Picture this, you’ve just spent all day putting together your flatpack furniture and it’s dinner time. You’re absolutely exhausted, so do you:

A. Rustle yourself up a healthy meal, packed with fruit and veg, that takes approximately an hour to cook (by this time, it feels as though your stomach is eating itself). OR,

B. Pick up the nearest takeaway menu and order something in. To then be consumed sitting amongst dozens of empty furniture boxes, before you pass out with exhaustion.

Come on, you can be honest with us, we know you want to pick b. The fact is, if you use up all your free time with assembling furniture then you’re not going to want to do much else. You’ll have to skip that gym session, ignore the fridge full of vegetables and just opt for the quickest and most convenient end to your day; takeaway and bed. You’ve set yourself up for bad habits before you’ve even got settled, which is definitely a slippery slope. Now imagine doing this ritual every time you visit IKEA and you’re on a one way road to Fat Town.

The fact is, assembling flatpack furniture isn’t very good for you – it’s even been proven by scientists! So, forgo the fattening experience and outsource the stressful, time consuming job instead. You can have a stress-free day of hitting the gym, eating well and putting your feet up, whilst we do all the getting fat for you.

The History of Ikea and the Rise of Flatpack Furniture

In the grand scheme of things, flatpack furniture is actually fairly modern; although, it feels like it has been around forever. The pioneers in this ready to assemble invention are most certainly Ikea, whose brand name has spread like wildfire across the UK and the rest of the world. We thought we would give you a bit of an insight into the history of this Swedish retailer and the ever-rising popularity of flatpack furniture.

Ingvar Kamprad – The Genius Behind Ikea

Our story begins in the 1920s with a rather entrepreneurial young man from Sweden, Ingvar Kamprad. Not satisfied with being a typical five year old, he decides to set up his first business selling matches to his neighbours. By the time he is seven years old he has enough money to buy a bicycle and start selling his matches in places outside of his own area. He quickly realises that it is cheaper to buy matches in bulk, in Stockholm, where he can then sell them on individually at a profit. This buy in bulk and sell on individually mindset then progresses onto other items, including Christmas tree decorations, pencils, greetings cards, flower seeds and ballpoint pens.

After completing his studies (in between all of his business ventures), Ingvar Kamprad is given money by his father as a reward. Instead of going out and splurging it on beer, Ingvar decides that he wants to set up his very own business; IKEA. Selling items such as pens, picture frames and nylon stockings, the business aim was to meet the needs of Swedish customers at greatly reduced prices. By 1948, furniture was introduced to the Ikea range.

The First Ikea Catalogue

Ingvar Kamprad is the kind of man that doesn’t like to do things by halves, which is why he saw a golden opportunity and took it. He realised that he could sell his furniture to a wider audience by putting together a catalogue and distributing it around Sweden. The first ever Ikea catalogue, that we all know and love, was published in 1951. From then the brand continued to grow, with the first ever show room opening up in 1953. This showroom was a huge step for Ikea and it’s customers, as people could finally see and feel the furniture that they would then go on to buy.

Ikea and the rise of flatpack assembly and services

Image from Ikea website: ‘Where the wonderful everyday begins and ends’

Flatpack Furniture Is Born
In 1951, Ikea had a rather clever employee named Erie J. Sauder, who came up with a genius idea for a table that he couldn’t fit into his car. He worked out that furniture could be made in parts and sold to customers, before being assembled once it was in the home. After getting his own Lövet table home, by unscrewing the legs, he talked to his employer about the idea to see what they thought. Ingvar Kamprad was blown away by the invention and quickly changed his business model to suit the flatpack concept. By 1956 the first piece of flatpack furniture was launched and Ikea have never looked back.

Ikea and Flatpack Furniture Flourish
Ikea have come on in leaps and bounds since 1956, producing dozens of flatpack furniture ranges that appeal to all types of customers. People loved the idea of buying items for the home at a cheaper rate, even if they then had to assemble it themselves. By 1989 Ikea had spread to France, Belgium, USA, UK and Italy. Everybody was hooked by the giant Ikea stores, complete with furniture that you could see and touch before buying in a neatly packed box and taking home. The whole experience (complete with the world famous Swedish meatballs) became a huge success and Ikea now has over 200 stores around the world.

To think, that flatpack furniture was born by someone who couldn’t fit his table into his car. And that the whole of IKEA was built by a man who used to sell matches to his neighbours as a child. We can bet one thing though, if Ingvar Kamprad had to spend time putting together his own work desk then he may not have had the time to think up such a business idea. The moral of the story? Make time for inspiration and let someone assemble your furniture for you!

10 Must-Haves from the Ikea Autumn/Winter Furniture Collection

Stocksund sofa

IKEA Stocksund sofa, what’s not to like!

10 Must-Haves from the Ikea Autumn/Winter Furniture Collection

It’s finally that time of year, when the central heating comes on and the wooly blankets come out. Autumn and winter are the best times of year to give your home a bit of a spruce up, ready for the influx of Christmas visitors and New Year’s parties. Ikea have launched some rather enticing furniture ranges, filled with plenty of seasonal inspiration for your home.

Below are just 10 of our favourite must-haves from the new Ikea Autumn/Winter collection.

Stocksund Sofa (see pic above)

We have recently installed several of these beautifully plump, classic looking sofas in London homes. The feedback we have heard about the Stocksund Range has been very positive. They look and feel great. IKEAs products just keep getting better and this range of Sofas projects that. Whether you are contrasting this sofa with a stylish modern new build, or using it to compliment your London period home, it works equally well. Great covers, pocket sprung, and lovely and deep. This is definitely a must have. You will love at and so will your guests!

Psst! Hate assembling flatpack furniture? We can help you! Click here to find out more..


Kallax Shelving Unit

Kallax Shelving Unit

Article Number :

Bring some organisation and colour into your house, with the new Kallax shelving unit from Ikea. Fill up with your favourite knick-knacks, photographs and all those books you’ve been meaning to read. We absolutely adore the light green colour, which brings a bit of warmth into a cold room. The Kallax shelving unit is also available in bright high-gloss red and turquoise, light pink, white, black-brown and birch effect.



Assembled IKEA table and chairs

Lerhman Table and Chairs

Lerhman Table and Chairs

Article Number :


Want to bring a little bit of that autumnal country home feel into your property, without having to spend a fortune on redecorating? This Lerhman table and 4 chairs is the perfect remedy for your farmhouse dining room blues. The light antique stain complements the beige frame and seat covers perfectly. Now all you need is a log fire and a big ol’ bowl of broth.

Stocksund Bench

Article Number :
Fully assembled Stocksund bench

Stocksund Bench

If you’re going to be expecting plenty of visitors over the Christmas and New Year period then you’re going to need somewhere for them all to sit. Benches are a great way of expanding the seating space in your home, without taking up too much room. This Stocksund bench comes in a range of colours to suit your individual style; plus it is super comfy and has storage space within, too!



Busunge extendable bed fully assembled

Busunge Extendable Bed

Busunge Extendable childs Bed

Article Number :

Whether you have a little one you need to cater for or are expecting friends and family to bring their children round, you simply have to check out the Busunge extendable bed from Ikea. This clever bed will pull out and extend, as your child grows, saving you money on buying a new one every six months. The solid wooden slats will provide plenty of support for the little ones, too.


Liatorp TV Bench

Article Number :

Every new piece in the Liatorp range is a must-have in our minds, but if you can only pick one then it has to be the TV bench. Long gone are the days of dusty glass TV stands, instead a classical wooden style is the order of the day. Opt for the grey version for a vintage look or go for the white in order to brighten up darker spaces.


Arkelstorp Desk

Article Number :

If you’re one of the lucky (or maybe unlucky) people who get to work from home, or even if you just like the idea of a home office, this Arkelstorp desk is the perfect piece of furniture for you. There’s just something so stylish about the black frame with the solid wooden top, complete with the two suspended drawers. This desk will make working from home a pleasure.


Nordli Chest of Drawers

Article Number :


Those who want to unleash their creative side should take a look at the new Ikea Nordli range. You can choose from one modular chest of drawers, or combine several, to create the look and feel you like best. Opt for the plain white versions or pick from striking reds or yellows to add some autumnal colour into your bedroom.


Nockeby Two Seat Sofa


This sofa not only looks fantastic in any home, but it is extremely comfortable too. You’ll just want to dive into the thick cushions, which have a core of pocket springs for extra bouncy comfort. There is also a top cut of foam, for an even more luxurious sitting experience. Available in brown, dark grey and light grey, the Nockeby will be the perfect addition to any home, this autumn and winter.


Nornäs Bed Frame

Article Number :

Everyone likes spending a little bit of extra time in bed when the weather gets colder, which is why the Nornäs has made it onto our must-have list. The clever, angled headboard makes it easy to snuggle up with your favourite book when the long nights draw in. The dark wood ensures this bed is sturdy and hardwearing, whilst also looking fantastic.


Stocksund Armchair

Article Number :

We’re going to finish off with another product from the new Stocksund range by Ikea, this rather dashing armchair. This comfy looking chair is extra wide and deep, so you can just sink into the cushions and relax. People will be fighting over who gets to sit in this ‘throne’, when they come round. You can get this chair in the same colours to match your new Stocksund bench, too!



These are just 10 of our favourites from the new Ikea Autumn/Winter collection, although there are many more to be found on their website. Which ones have caught your eye? Once you’ve filled your trolley with all these beautiful new furniture items, make sure you give us a call to get them assembled.

We Love Flatpacks

Call  020 8226 4925 or click here to see how we can help you with your furniture assembly.

Assembly and review of the IKEA BESTA BURS High Gloss desk

Today we assemble and review the IKEA BESTA BURS High Gloss desk.


  • Sturdy
  • Great finish


  • Not suitable for really big computer screens

Overview:Assembly of BESTA BURS desk face on view We Love Flatpacks

The BESTA BURS desk is part of the BESTA BURS family and is one of IKEA’s upmarket lines, designed by Mikael Warnhammarthat. They have some brilliant modern sleek designs, and come in several high gloss colours.

Price £200


  • High gloss finish
  • Two front draws
  • Discrete handles


As with all IKEA furniture, the desk is sold flat packed and ready to assemble. When I first unpacked one of these, and pulled out the desktop, at first glance, I thought the colour was wrong but then realised it was just the static sealed protective covering! I pulled back a small corner to reveal a lovely high gloss white.


The top is made from a nice thick particleboard, with a melamine foil that gives it the gloss finish. The surface is very flat, unlike some high gloss furniture that has a very wavy finish such as products from Dwell that were nearly double the price.


The desktop then has two drawers sitting Assembly of BESTA BURS Desk - side viewbelow it. The runners for the drawers were good compared to similar priced desks, but do not run as smooth as high end mechanisms such as those found on HULSTA furniture. I think this is one part of premium IKEA products that could be improved. The drawers still closed square, but feel a little loose, I would like to feel them tight and smooth when I pull them out. Then again I am comparing to more expensive furniture.


The base of the desk is made from sturdy steel with an epoxy/polyester powder coating. There are four square plastic feet that you have to bang into holes at the bottom, be sure you do not hammer the feet directly as you may break them, use a piece of wood in between the hammer and feet. The back panel is reinforced with this steel frame and give the top lots of support.


When we have it fully assembled it takes two to flip it on to its legs. Its nice and heavy so is less likely to wobble or move when you lean on it. Finally I get to pull of the protective film to reveal a perfect white gloss finish.


The desk is really long and at 182cm (longer that your average man) so it has space for two people to sit next to each other and have a drawer each. Its important to check you have the space for it as not many rooms actually have that much space spare.


With the depth of the desk being 41cm, it is not really practical for really big computer screens such as 27 inch mac because you’ll be sitting to close to the screen if sitting at the desk. Its perfect for laptops though.


Which brings me to my next point that the Assembly review BESTA BURS desk - close upunit would be great for a modern paper free office where ‘hot desking’ is common place and not too much desk space is needed.


Another nice design feature of the BESTA BURS desk is that its finished all the way around, as opposed to some desks that have ugly bare particle board at the back. Therefore the desk can be used in the centre of the room, or as a room divider.



Overall the BESTA BURS desk is stylish, strong and well finished and can be used in the centre of a room. At £200 its not a budget desk but has a better finish than desks that are much more expensive than it, the only negative really is that its not recommended for really big screens, but apart from that its another great product from IKEA.


Assembly tips:

Keep protective film on the high gloss surface for as long as you can to protect the high gloss surface.

Make sure you do not have any bolts under the table when constructing the base frame as this might scratch the top.


IKEA Article Number : 501.473.54
Width : 41 cm
Height : 9 cm
Length : 182 cm
Weight : 34.4 kg

Have you bought this desk? It would be great to know what you think.


Great use of an IKEA PAX wardrobe in a bathroom

For those that do not know, PAX is a versatile and stylish wardrobe system produced by the furniture giants IKEA. It’s PAX Wardrobe assembled in bathroom bromleynormally only found in bedrooms and filled with clothing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere in the home.

The PAX wardrobe system pictured was assembled into a lovely Victorian bathroom of a large family home in the affluent suburb of Bromley. The busy mum who made clever use of the furniture needed some bathroom storage to cope with her growing family. She had the option of either buying something off the shelf or having custom made furniture built. The problem was that most of the furniture she found was not adequate for her needs, so she decided to look for another solution and PAX seemed like a perfect choice.

Having fitted IKEA furniture in other rooms of the house she knew that the quality was excellent so was confident enough just to order online without the need to go in store. The unit is made up of one large frame at a height of 236cm, this is the taller of the two sizes that the PAX system comes in, the other being 201cm. This size takes full advantage of the tall Victorian ceilings in the room for maximum vertical storage. The inside of the frame has nine shelves where clothing normally hangs, which gives a huge amount of shelf space. At the bottom there are three SKUBB storage boxes – perfect for nappies or bath toys!

The finishing touches to the wardrobe are two high gloss doors and old fashioned silver knobs. The high gloss doors compliment the natural wood of the original Victorian room door and woodwork. Usually you will find long modern silver handles added to the front of these doors, but the knobs worked perfectly in this situation.

Being pregnant and having a toddler running around made it impossible for the Mum to build the flatpacked furniture duringPAX Wardrobe assembled in bathroom bromley showing shelves the day and Dad was busy working in the City, so it made sense to get us in to assemble it for them. Even after the cost of the furniture assembly was added to the cost of the furniture it still worked out a fraction of the cost of getting comparable custom made furniture built.

Normally, PAX frames can be assembled flat on the floor and then lifted into place, but because the bathroom did not have the floor space, we needed to build it upright. Once up it was then levelled and securely bolted to the walls. It’s not always necessary to attach PAX frames to the wall but the nine shelves could make a very tempting climbing frame for a toddler!

Overall the storage looked great and more importantly allowed the family to keep the bathroom tidy and clutter free. A great way to take full advantage of the brilliant PAX system. We would also recommend taking a look at the BESTA system as well, another super system from IKEA that’s great for customising storage.

Ultimate bedroom wardrobes for every budget

Make a cluttered bedroom a thing of the past with these brilliant wardrobes. We assemble them everyday, so we think we have the authority to say which is the best in terms of construction quality and space saving potential. Pound for pound we think these wardrobes are the best in their class.

1. Budget wardrobe.

Budget flatpack wardrobe - canvas with frame

Image taken from IKEA website

Need a quick temporary wardrobe storage solution?

Try this BREIM from IKEA.

This fantastic low cost wardrobe even comes with adjustable shelves and is available in three different colours.

Price: £25

Find it here: IKEA



2. High end German flatpack quality.

Lets go straight to the other end of the scale with hülsta wardrobe solutions. 

Hulsta - High end german flatpack wardrobes

Image from www.hulstalondon.co.uk

This German brand still comes flatpacked, but the quality of the design and attention to detail is a testament to German engineering. Joints are virtually air tight and every component part satisfyingly joins together to form solid and stylish statement furniture.

Look to pay around £5k and upwards for bespoke wardrobes.

Find it here: hülsta London



3. Best designer wardrobe bargain.

One for the hipsters.

Image taken from made.com

The Ledger wardrobe from MADE is made from solid oak and thick oak veneer, this beautiful ‘organic’ feeling wardrobe has hints of classic Danish design, and feels great when stood on period wooden floors.

Price: £699.

Find it here: MADE.com


4. Best out of the box sliding wardrobe.

Want a quick, solid, great looking sliding door wardrobe? Meet TRYSIL.

Meet the solid TRYSIL wardrobe from IKEA

Image taken from IKEA

We were blown away by the value this wardrobe provides. Made from thick MDF and great components this product is unbeatable for its price and puts others to shame. The frame feels solid, the doors run smooth, and has lots of space. Looks great too!

Price: £170.

Find it here: IKEA


5. King of the wardrobes.

Style, customisation, and great price – to good to be true? Not with the PAX system.

The PAX wardrobe is KING

Image from IKEA website.

We have saved the best until last. IKEA have absolutely nailed it with their PAX wardrobe range. This range comes in many shapes and sizes, and has tons of different door finishes, ranging from high gloss colours, to mirrored. There are also a vast amount of internal fixings to suit different budgets. You can choose to have basic wire basket drawers or elegant wooden drawer units from the KOMPLEMENT range. We are just as likely to find these wardrobes in plush Knightsbridge apartments, as modest London terraces. This shows the versatility and universal appeal of this product. Add to all that, IKEA also has a fantastic planning tool to help you build your perfect wardrobe.

Price: Prices start at £89.

Find it here: IKEA

IKEA Charlton and ‘We Love Flatpacks’ will be win win for London

As the Sainsbury’s on Bugsby’s Way plans its move to Gallions Way, IKEA seeks to take over the space it vacates. IKEA’s plans would create a store readily accessible to customers using public transport, convenient to Metro links as well as bus and rail services. Customers who chose to drive will find ample parking with over 1,000 spaces shared between IKEA, B&Q and Odeon. The convenience this store would offer is greater than at any other IKEA in the UK. The proposed IKEA location serves London residents in Kensington, Knightsbridge, West End, Fulham, Clapham, Chiswick and Canary Wharf.

Convenience, however, is not all this new store would bring to South London. IKEA anticipates creating approximately 200 construction jobs during the renovation period and 400 jobs for the store itself. IKEA further anticipates another 80 position relating to facilities management, security and cleaning services. These are significant opportunities for some of the area’s long-term unemployed.

Of course, customers who use public transportation services will need assistance with delivery. IKEA has collaborated with Hertz to provide vans for rental at a preferential price if you wish to pick up your purchases yourself. Alternatively, you can arrange for delivery within our service area by speaking to a floor representative. Generally, you can request delivery for same or next-day service. Some custom-made products are delivered without a fee. Your service representative can provide you with details.

That said, car-less high flying professionals, students and other IKEA customers who live in central London, who like to browse for smaller items will be able to pop over via public transport, and carry their blue IKEA bags home.

For us, the new IKEA store will mean a greater demand for our services. When speaking to our customers, we find that the main reasons that people don’t by IKEA furniture is because they dislike the assembly part and actually getting to the store in the first place. Hopefully the new IKEA store in Charlton combined with a little help from us will make the whole IKEA experience even easier.

Following the public exhibition of the proposals on November 9th, IKEA will provide an unstaffed exhibition at East Greenwich Library, Woolwich Road from November 11 through 23, 2013. This is part of the process of the application for outline planning permission to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Delegate your IKEA assembly and get on with the important stuff!

Successful, professionals know how to run a company by delegating duties to capable employees. When it comes to your personal life, why wouldn’t you delegate the responsibilities to experts in the home services industry? Moving can cause a lot stress and worry while taking away from your day-to-day obligations. Hundreds of successful professionals are moving to London’s luxury apartments and locations to live their dream. Relocating to London is an exciting opportunity and you want it to go as seamlessly as possible. The fact is, you’ve likely got a family to take care of and business commitments that you can’t put aside. When you don’t have time to assemble your own furniture, turn to the experts at We Love Flatpacks, London IKEA assembly service.

Hire a team you can trust to do the job properly.

We Love Flatpacks are experts in assembling furniture chosen by you for your new living space. It makes sense that busy professionals shouldn’t have to deal with assembling new furniture when your to-do list is already a mile long. Whether you’re living in Kensington, Knightsbridge, West End, Fulham, Clapham, Chiswick or Canary Wharf, let the furniture professionals from We Love Flatpacks, Ikea assembly service help you at home while you get the important things done that can’t be delegated. Employing an assembly service is simply a no-brainer. Who knows, maybe they’ll even organize your cupboards for you.

7 essential tips for Americans relocating to London

London street


London is an amazing and culturally diverse city with so much to do and see. It is both modern and full of history. If you are relocating from the U.S. for a new job or business opportunity, you will be amazed at how easily you can explore all of Europe and then some. You will experience culture shock, and there will be many little (and big) differences that you weren’t expecting, but if you keep an open mind you will be able to take things in stride.

Relocation can be an overwhelming ordeal for anyone, particularly if you are relocating overseas. No matter how exciting it is, there is so much to be done. If you are moving to London, here are some tips to take the stress out of the move so you can focus on the excitement and fun of exploring your new city!

Time to adjust

If possible, give yourself a couple of weeks to adjust and get settled in before starting work. Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych, is a clinical psychologist and he suggests trying to form a routine as soon as you can: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/ask-a-health-expert/im-in-a-new-city-and-horribly-homesick-how-do-i-adjust/article11652587/

Measurement systems

Unless you are familiar the the measurement system, then this seemingly small detail can really be a pain when shopping for food and other essentials such as items of furniture online. Understanding conversions will really reduce brain strain. You might want to bring over your own measuring spoons and cups whilst you learn! Heres a list of useful tools:

Currency convertor 

Weight and distance


If you will be bringing pets with you, make sure you give plenty of time to get things in order. It can take a while for all the paperwork to go through, and if it is not followed to the letter, it can cause delays. The UK has guidelines for bringing new pets into the country follow this link for details bringing pets into the UK. You also may need someone to look after them for a while.

Find a suitable hotel for your pet! Finding pet boarding

Pet walking: Happy Dogs is based in both Notting Hill and High Wycombe and is run by Lucy Kennedy. There website states that: ‘We offer a totally unique service for your dog or pets. We create a safe, healthy and happy home from home for dogs of all kinds’, their customers seem to think so to. http://www.happy-dogs.co.uk/

Pet sitting: Find a suitable pet sitter at the national association of pet sitters. http://www.dogsit.com/

Furnishing your new home

You will need to furnish your new apartment. One easy and stylish solution is to purchase Ikea furnishings and have them shipped to you in their flat packs. If you loathe the idea of assembling your new furnishings, an Ikea assembly service (shameless plug alert) like ours, can come and put it together for you!

Use the IKEA planning tool to help you visualise and prepare. http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/rooms_ideas/splashplanners_new.html

Why not mix the fasionable practical style of IKEA with some luxury, timeless, classics, at the ARAM store. http://www.aram.co.uk/ The kind of furniture they sell are sensible investments.

Getting about

Getting around in London is best using public transport. Get an “Oyster Card” for a discounted rate. It works out much cheaper than single journeys and has more flexible options than a travelcard. You can also have an Oyster Card prepayed for your visitors when they come to stay.

Get an Oyster Card online or from your nearest rail or tube station. https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk/oyster/entry.do

Meeting new friends

It can be difficult for spouses to adjust to living abroad, especially if they are not working. There are many online communities set up by other expats that can provide resources, advice and social interaction with other spouses who are going through the same adjustment.

The London Expat community

If you have a new baby NCT provides great support and can introduce you to local mums and all sorts of recommended classes such as Baby Yoga, sensory classes, and swimming. http://www.nct.org.uk/branches/london


If you have school age children, do your homework when it comes to selecting a school. Things are run differently over here, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. London pre prep offers great advice www.londonpreprep.com


So, if London is your destination, remember: Do your research, get an Oyster Card, furnish your flat easily,  meet new people, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! And also remember that we will be here for you to assemble your furniture.

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