Assembly and review of the IKEA BESTA BURS High Gloss desk

Today we assemble and review the IKEA BESTA BURS High Gloss desk.


  • Sturdy
  • Great finish


  • Not suitable for really big computer screens

Overview:Assembly of BESTA BURS desk face on view We Love Flatpacks

The BESTA BURS desk is part of the BESTA BURS family and is one of IKEA’s upmarket lines, designed by Mikael Warnhammarthat. They have some brilliant modern sleek designs, and come in several high gloss colours.

Price £200


  • High gloss finish
  • Two front draws
  • Discrete handles


As with all IKEA furniture, the desk is sold flat packed and ready to assemble. When I first unpacked one of these, and pulled out the desktop, at first glance, I thought the colour was wrong but then realised it was just the static sealed protective covering! I pulled back a small corner to reveal a lovely high gloss white.


The top is made from a nice thick particleboard, with a melamine foil that gives it the gloss finish. The surface is very flat, unlike some high gloss furniture that has a very wavy finish such as products from Dwell that were nearly double the price.


The desktop then has two drawers sitting Assembly of BESTA BURS Desk - side viewbelow it. The runners for the drawers were good compared to similar priced desks, but do not run as smooth as high end mechanisms such as those found on HULSTA furniture. I think this is one part of premium IKEA products that could be improved. The drawers still closed square, but feel a little loose, I would like to feel them tight and smooth when I pull them out. Then again I am comparing to more expensive furniture.


The base of the desk is made from sturdy steel with an epoxy/polyester powder coating. There are four square plastic feet that you have to bang into holes at the bottom, be sure you do not hammer the feet directly as you may break them, use a piece of wood in between the hammer and feet. The back panel is reinforced with this steel frame and give the top lots of support.


When we have it fully assembled it takes two to flip it on to its legs. Its nice and heavy so is less likely to wobble or move when you lean on it. Finally I get to pull of the protective film to reveal a perfect white gloss finish.


The desk is really long and at 182cm (longer that your average man) so it has space for two people to sit next to each other and have a drawer each. Its important to check you have the space for it as not many rooms actually have that much space spare.


With the depth of the desk being 41cm, it is not really practical for really big computer screens such as 27 inch mac because you’ll be sitting to close to the screen if sitting at the desk. Its perfect for laptops though.


Which brings me to my next point that the Assembly review BESTA BURS desk - close upunit would be great for a modern paper free office where ‘hot desking’ is common place and not too much desk space is needed.


Another nice design feature of the BESTA BURS desk is that its finished all the way around, as opposed to some desks that have ugly bare particle board at the back. Therefore the desk can be used in the centre of the room, or as a room divider.



Overall the BESTA BURS desk is stylish, strong and well finished and can be used in the centre of a room. At £200 its not a budget desk but has a better finish than desks that are much more expensive than it, the only negative really is that its not recommended for really big screens, but apart from that its another great product from IKEA.


Assembly tips:

Keep protective film on the high gloss surface for as long as you can to protect the high gloss surface.

Make sure you do not have any bolts under the table when constructing the base frame as this might scratch the top.


IKEA Article Number : 501.473.54
Width : 41 cm
Height : 9 cm
Length : 182 cm
Weight : 34.4 kg

Have you bought this desk? It would be great to know what you think.


2 comments on “Assembly and review of the IKEA BESTA BURS High Gloss desk
  1. abbychau says:

    Hi Flat Pack Blog
    Thank you for posting your review about the Ikea Besta Burs. I love how you displayed the books on the shelf next to the desk. Could you please tell me where you got those shelves from? SO BEAUTIFUL and Creative!!!

    • We love Flatpacks says:

      HI Abbychau,

      Yes it’s a lovely book display. These were actually in one of our customers house who we have assembled lots of furniture for. I’m not sure exactly where they got the shelves from but you can do something similar with the IKEA BESTA range:
      If you go into the IKEA store you can purchase just the frames (the model shown but without the doors) for very cheap and use them to the same effect.
      Else you can also build them quite easily with MDF. You just need to make sure you have a very good wall fixing because books are obviously very heavy.

      Hope that helps!

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