Our ‘assembly angels’ do a great job in Angel North London

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We love all the positive feedback we get from our customers who need their flatpack furniture built, but sometimes we get a comment that really makes our day, after all, its not often that a group of guy’s get called angels!

We recently had several of our team called to a fairly large IKEA assembly project in Angel North London. The couple who hired us, had just moved into a beautifully original four story terrace tucked away in a side street off of Upper Street. Just as we see quite often in London, IKEA furniture had been sourced by the couple to compliment designer furniture they had bought. The furniture ranged from bedroom wardrobes, living room sofas, and general storage such as shoe racks, under stair systems and toy storage in the Nursery.

One of our assembly angels Dan!

Angelic Dan!

The couple (Micheal and Teressa) had relocated from New York due to a job offer for Micheal, and the past few months had been very busy, with lots of emotional highs and lows. Highs included moving into a great part of London and having the parents flying in to offer a helping hand and to see the new pad. Lows included finding that their IKEA furniture arrived in a vast amount of heavy brown boxes with a million parts that needed assembling. After IKEA had delivered, the house was swamped with un assembled furniture, and because of the new jobs and their young children, the couple were at their wits end as to how they would find the time and energy to assemble their new furniture. Luckily one of Micheal’s London colleagues had been through the same experience and recommended our flatpack assembly service.

During our time helping them, the couple were impressed with the efficiency of the team, particularly the assembly of the huge PAX wardrobe systems, with a grand total of ten sliding doors taken from the AULI and HASVIK (high gloss) ranges. The wardrobes had all the internal trimmings that a stylish, professional couple needs to manage their clothes in London. When the wardrobes were completely assembled, the couple loved them. People are always impressed with the end result of a PAX wardrobe system assembled by our wardrobe fitters. Although they are lower in cost than other sliding wardrobes this does not mean they look or perform any worse, on the contrary they are (we think) better. Also, because we are so used to installing them we know how to build them in an optimal way ensuring they are level, that doors are aligned and positioned uniformly. This can make a big difference to the overall PAX user experience.

After starting at 8.30am, the team had converted a flat full of soulless brown boxes into a stylish, functional new home by 6.00pm on the same day. The whole family was able to have a proper family dinner time again on their newly assembled Table and chairs. After completion of the project Micheal and Teressa were so happy and relieved that they now had a house they could actually live in, they pronounced us as angels! Our flatpack furniture assembly was the last big job to be done for them, and I guess it saved them weeks of trying to juggle assembling furniture with busy family life and a new job. Even with the parents offering help, it would have been a massive task. It feels good to be a part of helping to make our customers lives easier and it feels extra special when we get called furniture assembly angels!