Assembling Flatpack Furniture Can Make You Fat

We all know that assembling flatpack furniture is a bit of a bore, but did you know it can actually bad for your health as well?

A scientist

Believe it or not, putting together that 2000 piece wardobe could be adding inches to your waistline without you even noticing. It may sound completely farfetched, but the combination of stress and lack of spare time, which comes from assembling flatpack furniture, can certainly make you fat. Still don’t believe us? Here’s some scientific facts that may make you think twice about putting together your own furniture.


Getting Stressed Out
Let’s be honest, who can actually assemble flatpack furniture without feeling at least a little bit stressed out? The instructions don’t make sense, you’re missing some pieces, you’ve put the drawers on backwards and it all feels like one of those horrid Crystal Maze tasks that’s going to get you locked in a room, until someone bails you out. It seems as though flatpack furniture, although being stylish and reasonably priced, has been specifically designed to raise stress levels through the roof. So, what is all this unnecessary stress doing to your health and waistline? Scientists have proven that getting stressed for any reason (including assembling your own flatpack furniture) can wreak havoc on your body, in the following ways:


  • It can reduce your ability to burn fat, even if you are lugging around boxes and playing a bizarre game of Twister to put furniture pieces together.
  • It can make you hungry and crave sugar. Hunger + no free time = takeaways galore, but we’ll get onto that later.
  • It can also create hormone imbalances, make your liver fatty and make your cells less sensitive to insulin.
  • Quite frankly, getting stressed out is a surefire way to get fat, along with causing a load of other health problems along the way. The less stressed you are, the more likely you are to stay slim, trim and super healthy.


No Free Time
Picture this, you’ve just spent all day putting together your flatpack furniture and it’s dinner time. You’re absolutely exhausted, so do you:

A. Rustle yourself up a healthy meal, packed with fruit and veg, that takes approximately an hour to cook (by this time, it feels as though your stomach is eating itself). OR,

B. Pick up the nearest takeaway menu and order something in. To then be consumed sitting amongst dozens of empty furniture boxes, before you pass out with exhaustion.

Come on, you can be honest with us, we know you want to pick b. The fact is, if you use up all your free time with assembling furniture then you’re not going to want to do much else. You’ll have to skip that gym session, ignore the fridge full of vegetables and just opt for the quickest and most convenient end to your day; takeaway and bed. You’ve set yourself up for bad habits before you’ve even got settled, which is definitely a slippery slope. Now imagine doing this ritual every time you visit IKEA and you’re on a one way road to Fat Town.

The fact is, assembling flatpack furniture isn’t very good for you – it’s even been proven by scientists! So, forgo the fattening experience and outsource the stressful, time consuming job instead. You can have a stress-free day of hitting the gym, eating well and putting your feet up, whilst we do all the getting fat for you.

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