Nursery furniture assembly service

John_Rachel-cotNursery furniture flatpack pieces.Nursery wardrobe, fixtures and fittingsChildren's wardrobe, MothercareWhether you are expecting your first child or are preparing for a sibling birth, your time and energy is at a premium. During this time it’s likely that you will be planning to buy new furniture for your baby or change your current furniture to be more suitable for your toddler.

We understand that looking after children and doing DIY during this time of your life can be very difficult, even dedicated DIYers deserve to pay someone to DIFM (do it for me!). With so much to plan during birth and with your time dedicated to looking after young ones post natal, the last thing you want to do is deal with the upheaval of assembling a room full of flat pack furniture. This is especially true if you have babies that want feeding and toddlers demanding your attention! It’s hard enough to find two minutes to concentrate on something else let alone a whole weekend.

We offer a simple, low cost, furniture assembly service that allows you to focus on your family instead of worrying about building furniture. We have assembled all brands of children’s furniture including Mothercare, Mumas and PapasSilver Cross John Lewis, and many more. Simply send us the details of what children’s furniture you need assembled and we will send you a fixed price in return. When you are happy we will arrange to make an appointment to visit your home. When we arrive we will unpack the furniture, build it and then put it into position ensuring it’s built properly and safely, creating a safe environment for your young ones.

Follow this link to arrange to have your nursery furniture assembled or to simply get in touch for advice.