5 Ways Outsourcing Your Flatpack Assembly Will Get You A Promotion

If you’ve been working out how to get a promotion in your job then chances are you’ve stumbled across some rather weird and wonderful ideas; from wearing a pale blue shirt into the office to buying coffee for the boss on a daily basis. However, we bet you’ve never come across an article that says outsourcing your flatpack assembly will get you a promotion… Until now. You may think we’ve finally lost the plot, but we promise you there’s some real, solid facts behind our argument. If you’re looking to get promoted then don’t assemble your flatpack furniture yourself, get someone else to do it for you. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Take Less Stress To Work
One of the biggest factors stopping you getting that promotion is stress. Any stress that you encounter at home will slowly weedle its way into your work and impact your performance. However well you think you may be covering up those stressful encounters, your boss is going to notice them. A stressed employee isn’t a productive employee and is therefore not ripe for promotion. Say you’ve just moved into your new apartment, to be closer to the office (brownie points), and you’ve invested in a whole load of flatpack furniture to deck it out in. The stress levels caused by building bookcases, wardrobes and sofas, are going to go through the roof. Instead of pulling your hair out and losing sleep over allen keys, nuts and bolts, outsource the assembly of your flatpack furniture instead. You’ll be less stressed, your work performance will soar and your boss will have to put your name down for that all-important promotion.

2. Relax in a Happier Environment
This part almost goes hand in hand with the stress factors we’ve just looked at, but we’re focusing on the bigger picture here. Be realistic, how long will it take you to get your new apartment sorted out and liveable? Will the flatpack furniture sit around in boxes until you realise you do actually need to sleep on a bed frame, not just a mattress? How happy you are at home will reflect in your work; meaning that a happy and relaxing home environment, is the key to getting a promotion. Home should be somewhere you look forward to going, after a long and stressful day at work, not somewhere you dread to look at due to unpacked furniture boxes. By getting someone to assemble your flatpack furniture, how and where you want it, you can focus on creating a home out of your house. Now, when you get home from work, you can curl up on your assembled sofa, grab a book from your assembled bookcase and then get some sleep on your assembled bed – fresh and ready for work the next day.

3. More Free Time (For Work or Play)
They say that those who are successful in their careers tend to be able to strike a fine balance between work and play. No one has ever said that successful people have to put both work and play on hold, whilst they assemble flatpack furniture. The truth is, taking time out of your day to put together furniture isn’t going to do your home or work life any good. Imagine telling your boss that you couldn’t finish that important presentation in time, because you were busy putting together your living room furniture. You also need to take time to rest and recuperate, if you ever want to get hold of that promotion. Someone that burns the candles at both end is due to crash, which means a couple of sick days off work; certainly not promotion worthy. Don’t waste time doing things that other people can do for you, focus on your work and play balance instead.

4. Create Your Own Home Office
Ever wanted a home office, but didn’t really want to either spend a fortune on it or have to put it all together? The best thing about flatpack furniture is that it tends to be much better value than pre-built stuff. The drawback is, you have to assemble it yourself. Kill two birds with one stone, by buying a flatpack home office and then outsourcing the assembly. You can create an incredible work space, within your home, that is perfect for those out of office jobs. Catch up with work, keep in touch with clients and even do some remote jobs, all from the comfort of your own home. If working from home, out of hours, isn’t going to secure you a promotion then we don’t know what will.

5. Impress Your Boss
There’s two reasons why outsourcing your flatpack assembly will impress your boss. The first is that you can invite him or her round for dinner, in order to let them marvel at your impressive taste in furniture. The second is showing a lack of ingenuity and time saving skills, by delegating the less strategic jobs to appropriate people; something that is a must-have for management level jobs. Your boss will be so impressed at your delegation skills, good taste in furniture and overall work performance (due to the lack of stress, see above) that they will probably promote you right there and then. Probably.

Put down those powder blue shirts and vanilla spiced lattes, as the only true way you’re going to get a promotion in this day and age is by outsourcing your flatpack assembly. Say goodbye to being number two in the office and hello to becoming the new managing director; just by simply giving us a call and asking us to assemble your flatpack furniture for you. It’s our pleasure!

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