15 reasons why you should use a flatpack assembly service in London

Ikea shopping trip - Flatpack assembly in LondonFlatpack is the the bane of furniture buying for most people. Below is a list of the most common reasons why people hire an assembly service to build their furniture for them.

1. You’re too busy. Working, gym, kids, pub, study, you name it, building flatpack is not a priority right now.

2. You hate flatpack. You are not alone!

3. you’ve just spent 2 hours commuting. Why would you spend another day trying to navigate a impossible instructions.

4. You can afford it. You are a professional and you get paid a lot. The cost of assembly is an hours pay for you.

5. You have better things to do with your spare time. Hmmm chill out this weekend or build flatpack.

6. You don’t have  to prove your self. You could easily build it but would rather get someone else to build your furniture.

7. You are not a contortionist. Twisting your body around MDF and sweating while trying to screw bolts into holes is for someone else.

8. You value your relationship (see Ikea flatpack abandoned trolley graveyard)

9. You’ll break your nails. 

10. You have just spent half your life choosing the flatpack furniture. why waste more time on it.

11. You have just seen the amount of flatpack filled boxes delivered to you home and realised it’s going to take longer than you thought.

12. You have a bad back. Bending down all day is not good for the back.

13. You don’t have the tools. Buy new tools or get someone in?

14. You suck at assembling stuff. Assembling flatpack is way down on your things to learn before I die list so you’re not motivated to learn it anytime soon.

15. We Love Flatpacks is here to help! Whatever the reason We Love Flatpacks does not need to know why you should use a flatpack assembly service in London we will just come to your home or office and build it for you.

So there you have a list of reasons why you should use a flatpack assembly service. There are lots more and it would be great if you can share more reasons.

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