Month: June 2013

Coolest ever flatpacked childrens bed assembled

We had the pleasure  of encountering this amazing flatpacked childrens bed designed by racing yachtsman Loick Peyron whilst on a job for one of our customers today. The ‘Skipper’ bed, so called because it resembles a sail boat, was a limited

Why choose our handyman services

Our Handyman services has helped many of our busy customers to get things done around their homes, here’s a recent review from a customer that I thought was worthy of it’s own blog! “My friend recently pointed me in the

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Why Handymen are better than tradesmen

Here are some reasons why sometimes it’s better to hire a Handyman as opposed to a one service tradesmen. If you have ever had some work that needed to be done in your home then you may have had to

15 reasons why you should use a flatpack assembly service in London

Flatpack is the the bane of furniture buying for most people. Below is a list of the most common reasons why people hire an assembly service to build their furniture for them. 1. You’re too busy. Working, gym, kids, pub, study, you

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