Month: March 2013

How to fix holes and cracks in your walls quickly

If your renting a property and you are about to move home, your landlord will usually expect you to leave the property as you found it. If during your stay you have installed tall pieces of furniture such as wardrobes

Very assembly instructions for flatpack missing

Very, the internet shopping company, offers a large offering of home and garden products. It has a good range of ready to assemble furniture. I have heard a lot of complaints recently about Very’s flatpack assembly instructions missing from their wardrobe range.

Why we love ready to assemble furniture

Ready to assemble furniture  (another name for flatpack if your in the states!), has become so popular because it satisfies several basic needs. From basic social needs, such as the need to prove to visitors to your home how good your

Should I secure flatpack furniture to the wall?

This is a question we get asked a lot so I thought I would write a quick blog about it. The answer to whether you should secure  flatpack furniture to the wall depends on several things. Chests of drawers, wardrobes, and