10 Time Saving Ideas for Moving House by We Love Flatpacks

Moving home stress free furniture reassembly and disassemblyMoving house is one of the most stressful and time consuming things we’ll ever do in our lifetime; that’s a research backed fact. However, the average Brit moving 8 times in their life, it’s something we can’t really get away from. To make life a bit easier, we’ve come up with 10 time saving ideas for moving house. Hopefully when you next move, you’ll spend less time packing and unpacking, and more time enjoying your new home.

1. Lists, Lists, Lists

You may think that spending time writing lists is wasted time, but it can actually be extremely productive. If you can make a list of everything that needs doing, you’ll spend less time fretting about things you may have forgotten. Try to keep a list for each room that needs to be packed, along with other useful information you’ll need to remember; such as paperwork to sign, companies to call, and so on.2.

2. Stock Up On Moving Supplies

The last thing you want to be doing halfway through your move is running around, searching for spare cardboard boxes. You’re going to need more supplies than you initially think, so make sure you’re completely stocked up. So what if you’ve gone overboard and purchased too many cardboard boxes, it is a much better scenario than running low. Also, most moving companies will refund any unused boxes, so there’s no great loss if you’ve bought too many.

3. Mark Your Boxes

When you’ve filled up your moving boxes with items and furniture from each room, make sure you mark them for unpacking. You can write on the boxes, use coloured stickers, even draw pictures on them if you must. Just make sure that each box is marked for each room, to make things so much easier when you get to your new home. Also, don’t start mixing and matching rooms in boxes (even if there is space leftover in one), as this will be a nightmare to sort out at the other end.

Top tip:

Removal companies sometimes use codes to identify what’s in boxes as opposed to writing what’s actually in them, and then keeping the list from you! Make your own notes too, after all its your stress levels that go up when you cannot find things.

4. Pack Ahead

Don’t leave it all until moving day to get sorted, try packing as much as possible before the big day. If it’s the middle of summer then get everything winter related packed away, weeks before you’re due to move. Every time you have a few hours spare, just pop another few things in boxes. It will then just come down to the last few bits and pieces on moving day, giving you more time to spend in your new home.

5. Get To Your New House First

Unless you want moving day chaos to ensue, make sure you get to the new house before the moving company. This means you can get right on with unloading and unpacking, without the removal men waiting around for you. It will also ensure that everything runs smoothly and all boxes end up in the right rooms.

6. From Big to Small

When you start unpacking, make sure you get the big stuff out of the way first. All of the flat pack furniture assembly should go first (we’ve got another time saving tip coming up, for that), along with other large items such as sofas and beds. Only then should you move onto the smaller things, even if that does mean going several hours without a cuppa. This will ensure everything has somewhere to go, or be stored, before your new home becomes a cluttered mess.

7. Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

We often get called out by people who are on their second or third move because they have had bad experiences of removal companies re-building their furniture incorrectly with reports of it never quite functioning the way it did before, or built incorrectly. If you want to save even more time and annoyance when it comes to moving house, make sure you have a team of competent professional furniture assemblers.

Also some removal companies refuse to take on this task, so depending on how much furniture you have, assembling everything yourself could take hours. If you’d prefer to concentrate on the important boxes, and getting unpacked, then make sure you hire someone for your flat pack furniture assembly. We’re only a phone call away

8. Keep Important Things Separate

One of the worst things to happen, when moving house, is to lose all of your important paperwork and belongings. There’s a good chance they’ve been packed in the ‘Home Office’ boxes, but you can’t remember which one. Actually, they could be in the ‘Bedroom’ boxes. Before you know it you’re stressed out and the paperwork for your new home is missing. Keep all of your important things separate to make it easier when unpacking.

9. Time Consuming Cleaning

Have you got to clean your old home before you can hand over the keys? Most people will have to give their old house a deep clean, whether renting or selling on, which can be the most time consuming part of moving. If you want to save as much time as possible then hire someone to do the deep cleaning for you; it costs a lot less than you might think.

10. Know When to Stop

Finally, it’s important to know when to stop and put your feet up at the end of a ‘moving day’. You may not have unpacked every last piece of clothing, or all of the crockery, but there does come a time when you need to stop. If you try to unpack when you’re tired or exhausted, it’s going to take more time than ever. Instead, know when to call it a day and carry on with the rest at a later date. Most things can be gradually unpacked as and when you have time.

These 10 time saving tips should make it even easier for you to move house, without too much stress and without having to spend all night unpacking. If you want advice on moving home, along with information on flat pack furniture assembly, then be sure to get in touch; we’d be happy to help.

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